Help with KM macro that opens separate windows for mail and calendar view

Hi All,

I attempted to create a macro that opens MS Outlook and opens two windows for 2 separate views, mail and calendar, respectively. The macro is a bit clunky and will open multiple calendar views at times instead of one for mail and one for calendar. I've pasted the macro below. I'd be grateful if someone could identify what I'm doing wrong that causes this behavior.


You should probably use the Quit a Specific Application action to quit Outlook - it will actively wait for the application to quit.

You may need a Pause after each menu selection to allow the application to complete opening the window before trying to resize the window or change the view.

You may be able to use Pause Until actions, possibly based on the front window title, to pause for the minimum amount of time for each case.

Thanks, Peter!

The Quit a Specific Application action and tweaking of the Pause Until value suggestions helped me fix this macro. I'm always appreciative when the gurus like yourself set a side a couple of minutes to help field our questions!

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Here's a re-write that avoids AppleScript and uses a couple of versions of Peter's suggested "Pause Until..." constructs. Doing it like this, rather than using "Pause for n seconds", will make the macro both faster and less fragile.

You'll need to change the menu item chosen in the seventh action (we're on different versions of Outlook) and set your own "Move and Resize" values in actions eight and eleven.

Quit and Launch Outlook.kmmacros (9.7 KB)


Almost the same as your macro, just a different way of controlling when things happen. But if anything's not clear, just ask!

@Nige_S This is great! I'll make the minor menu edits and give this a spin. I appreciate you sharing this with me!