Help with menu item toggle- "^Show|Hide" takes several keystrokes to work

I'm trying to set up a macro for Apple Keynote so Guides show or hide when I press a keyboard shortcut.

Right now, it sort of works. It takes several tries in Keynote to get the Guides to appear. If they are hidden and I press the shortcut, Guides flash and then after several attempts they appear. The opposite is true for shown guides.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, @seaneee. The following works on my Mac.

Keyboard Maestro Export


The below works for me. NB if you just toggle between showing and hiding the two different kinds of guides menu items, one kind might show while the other kind hides. So, the below puts them in sync - toggling showing/hiding both of the kinds of guides at once. For it to work, the four menu Actions are also set to not abort the Macro or notify on failure.

EXAMPLE Keynote Toggle All Guides.kmmacros (25.1 KB)

Click to Show Image of Macro


While I love using KM, there's a simpler way -- just set up application-specific shortcuts in System Settings->Keyboard:


Amazing. Would never have thought of that. Took a little guessing to figure out interface. And the shortcut shows up in the app menu

Thank you. I was thinking I needed some kind of if exists, etc