Help with my lazy typing

Hi everyone,

I'm noticing a pattern with my current keyboard and am hoping KM can help with a fix. When I am typing the letter 'u', my right hand is accidentally pressing the down arrow.

My best guess at trying to fix this is through a regular expression trigger (ex. when 'u' is typed and the then 'down arrow'). Is there an easier way or can someone recommend what to enter in the trigger? (I figured out the return key but not the down arrow.) Any help would be appreciated.

Explain again what are you looking to do...

Sure. I would like to setup a macro that will detect when I hit one key and then another. I am noticing that the way my right hand is positioned, I am starting to hit the bottom arrow key on my keyboard when my right finger reaches for the 'u' key. When I do this, the cursor moves down a line. What I would like to do is have KM watch if I accidentally hit 'u', and then the down arrow. If I do, KM use the Type a Keystroke and automagically hit 'Backspace'.

(The long term fix is to fix how I type. Bad habits are hard to fix.)

So you are intending to type ā€œuā€ and are accidentally pressing ā€œuā€ down-arrow.

A backspace wont help you with this.

What you could do is this:

Macro 1: Watch for ā€œuā€
Trigger: USB Device Key ā€œuā€
Enable Macro 2: Capture Down Arrow
Pause 0.5 seconds
Disable Macro 2: Capture Down Arrow

Macro 2: Capture Down Arrow (initially disabled)
Trigger: Hot Key Down Arrow
System Beep (try to get you out of the habit)

So pressing the u is detected but does nothing except briefly enable the second macro. The second macro captures the down arrow and ignores it.

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lol... that was exactly what I thought :slight_smile:

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