Help with passing parameters to subroutines

I'm new to KM and I'm just trying out subroutines. I thought I had got it with passing parameters but there is something I'm not getting that I'd like help with please.
In the calling macro (test subroutines) I pass the value of 'will this work' to the subroutine's parameter 'Task Name'

Then I try to use that value in the subroutine (add person task). All seems to be ok until it gets to the action 'Insert Text "%Variable%TaskName%" by typing'. I expected it to type the value (will this work) but instead it types '%Variable%TaskName%' verbatim.

could I get some help as to what I'm doing wrong please


Hi and welcome to the forum!

If you click the gear icon at the top-right of the Insert Text by Typing action, how is the text being processed?


Aha! thank you! It was set to "Process Nothing" and when I changed to "Process Text Normally" it worked exactly how I hoped.

Might this have been a default that I didn't know to change... ? Anyway in future I know a new place to look for settings that might need tweaking.

thanks for the rapid help


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Not in my experience. If you insert a new action of that type, what is it set to?

I'ver tried a few times now and it always sets to 'Process Text Normally'. So I guess I did some "newbie magic" on it the first time :grinning:

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