Help with Path finder / directory expander

What I am trying to do:
I am using a program (cornerstone lms) that does not let you input a path. An Example would be: /2015/july/car/whatever. That would be the path. With this program I would have to click on 2015 then july and so on.

What I would like to happen:
I want a macro that prompts for user input and you input the path. Then the macro will first type 2015 then hit the right arrow key then type july then hit the right arrow key then car and so on.


  1. paste path (/2015/july/car/whatever) in the input
  2. the macro will type out 2015 hit the right arrow key then july and hit the right arrow key and so on

I do not want it to type the (/) the (/) is the break in-between what it types.

Thanks for the help in advance!!

Hey James,

What the bleep is Cornerstone LMS?

Please provide an URL or a representative screenshot.


Think of it as windows explorer for a server. The problem is, is I can’t go to a direct path. I have to click though it.

Can you think of a way to make this work?

Hey James,

Probably, but I’d like to eyeball the interface.


I found that on the internet. It is the same as I use.

So when I am going through the program (using example below) if I type car it will go to car even though I can’t see it typing anything. If I hit the right arrow key it will expand it. Then if I type 2015 it will go to that folder and so on.


So the interface really does not matter. I just need it to understand when I put /car/2015/new/bla to ignore the first / if there is one then type car then right arrow and type 2015 then right arrow and so on.

Hey Steve,

That's the Cornerstone Subversion client.

I've left the last tab disabled just in case.

Whups, I just noticed that you need right-arrow instead of tab. You'll have to remove tab from the search/replace action and add a type-keystoke action in the correct place, but the example should get you there.


Cornerstone Path Entry.kmmacros (5.2 KB)

This is great!! Thank you so far.

Here is the problem I encountered. This is a program that looks at a remote system so it is going way too fast for the system.

Is there anyway to slow it down. The part it needs to slow down is after the right arrow. It needs to give the system time to open that folder before moving to the next folder.

Hey Steve,

Add a Pause action and adjust the length of the pause as needed.


So this is what I am using to test it.

Notes, Cornerstone, and finder.

I am using Notes so I can see what it is doing. Even with the pause in there before the right arrow, it is typing the full path without the / then pausing.

I good way to test this, is finder if you’re using a mac or explorer on Windows. Should work the same as what I am trying to do in cornerstone. It just seems to be going very fast and still inputting tap as well when using notes.

My Macro:
I downloaded your macro and changed tab to right arrow and added a pause before right arrow.

Any thoughts?

Hey Steve,

Well, that wouldn't work, because it was outside the loop.

You also needed to remove the \t from the search/replace action.

And the pause needed to be inside the loop.

Sometimes you need to collapse all the actions, and open them one at a time – so you can see what belongs to what.

Collapse-All-Actions is in the menu with a keyboard shortcut of [

The Teal-colored actions are edits or additions, and course the type-keystroke (Tab) action has been deleted.


Cornerstone Path Entry v2.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

You sir… Are a life saver! It is working great even in cornerstone now. Because of the lag I have to use 1.5 seconds but still great.