Help with Setup of Miditriggers

I want to setup a macro group with 32 Midi Note On Actions (Triggered from StreamDeck) for Triggering Shortcuts in Logic Pro X via Midi.
I want to built a Template for instance like this

Send MIDI channel 1 note 1 velocity 1
Send MIDI channel 1 note 32 velocity 1

for another Set of 32 Shortcuts I would Copy this Macro Group and Change the Velocity to 2 and for a next to 3 and so on.

For getting this done without modifying each Action by Hand,
i thought it should be possible to setup the Midi Action with a Calculation like this:

Send MIDI channel 1 note 1 velocity Calculate (1+Variable1)
The Variable should set the Velocity Parameter for each Makro Group.

Do you think this is a good practice for setting up a Template which is easy to multiply?

Thanks in advance - Umberto