Help with the Title for a Tutorial Video

I want to create a KM tutorial video, and I’m having trouble coming up with a good title - one that won’t scare people away.

The video will be about what happens when you have a macro running, and you trigger it again, so you now have the same macro running twice.

The video will cover the dangers of this, but also the cool things you can do with this.

Technically, what I’m talking about is Macro Concurrency, or Reentrant Macros, or even possibly Macros and Multi-Threading, although whether they actually run in multiple threads or not isn’t really relevant.

But any of these titles will scare people off. I’m hoping this will be closer to a “For Dummies” tutorial than a geekfest.

So I’m soliciting ideas here. I appreciate any thoughts. However, please don’t be offended if I don’t end up using your suggestion.

"Losing the thread" ?

(I think that could be how I accidentally saved 40,000 years of time)

LOL. Perhaps I should have added that the title should be at least somewhat descriptive, and might cause someone to say "Oh, I need to see this!".

(I think that could be how I accidentally saved 40,000 years of time)

Wow! Peter is really good! And you - performing more than 40,000 years of work, well, I knew you liked to have concise code, but man, you're the king of optimization!!

So, what's the future like? :slight_smile:

Middling, according to my doctor. Apart from my plummeting IQ, everything else is far too high.

(Poor prospects for my bicycle too – apart from the bell, every part of it makes a noise …)

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I totally get that!

Though we're not losing IQ points - it's just that our brains needs to be re-indexed. The current indexes are just too fragmented, and some of the clusters have been orphaned. I suppose it's even possible some of the wires are frayed. :slight_smile:


Here's some ideas:
(no order of preference; numbered so I can reference them)

  1. What Happens When You Trigger a Keyboard Maestro Macro that is Already Running
  2. Running Multiple Copies of the Same Keyboard Maestro Macro -- What you need to know
  3. Triggering the Same Keyboard Maestro Macro While It is Still Running
  4. Advantages and Dangers of Triggering a Running Keyboard Maestro Macro Again
  5. Pros and Cons of Triggering a Running Keyboard Maestro Macro Again

OK, that's enough.

Those are all kind of long, although “Running Multiple Copies of the Same Keyboard Maestro Macro” is similar to one I’ve been considering.

Good ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Multiple Macros, and other Maestronic Marvels

I guess it's a matter of perspective and preference.
They don't seem that long to me, especially if you want to attract users who aren't that technical.

Longer titles:

  • Result in more search hits
  • Make it easier for the prospective viewer to know if they want to watch.

It may be just me, but when I'm searching, I view the more descriptive titles, that match my criteria, first.

But it's your video. Make it as short as you'd like. :smile:

Multiple Macros and You


Make it long. Technical name: subtitle for dummies.

Macro concurrency: The problem with retriggering a still-running macro

Multi threading macros: When your macro runs over itself, get ready for unexpected results.