Help with voice control? kmtrigger only works in some contexts

My goal here is to get voice commands working (run a KM macro via Dictation).

I'm not on Catalina yet -- OSX 10.12.6 Sierra.

I have a dead-simple macro called files that (currently) just speaks the phrase "OK, I hear you."
I use the URL kmtrigger://macro=files

  1. Triggering manually or changing trigger to a keystroke works fine.

  2. At command line, open kmtrigger://macro=files works just fine

  3. When I say "Computer, files" it chirps to acknowledge recognition (and the text "files" appears
    briefly above), but nothing else.

  4. Chrome: It asks to open the KM engine and I say OK. Then it does nothing. Subsequent tries
    do a Google search for my URL. [duh]

  5. Firefox: Does nothing.

  6. Safari: Asks to open KM engine, but does nothing. (At least it does this every time rather than
    sending me to Google).

I'll upgrade to Catalina soon, but I'm a little afraid it might be a rabbit hole...

Thanks for any help!


Does Sierra have Siri?

Yes, but I don't address it as Siri. You can choose the wake word
under Accessibility/Dictation.

@hal9000. I'm running Mojave and and have tried out your setup. I am able to get Safari to execute the macro by opening the URL


but I am also unable to get dictation to recognize the phrase. I'm not sure that means much at this point because I have been unable to get any other dictation commands to work either.