Help write applescript/jxa to return current event running and time until next event

The script below is using applescript and is very close to a working version I need. The script was wrote by @CJK but he seems to have gone missing and I can't extend the script to fix it to do what I want as my applescript knowledge is terrible.

Here is the script:

###[ASObjC] Get Calendar Events (nikivi).applescript
#	Retrieves from a user's Apple Calendar an enumerated list of events 
#	that fall within a specified date range.  It does this independently of
#	the macOS calendar application, using AppleScriptObjC.  By default, 
#	events for the next 30 days are searched, and the title and date of the
#	next upcoming event is returned.  If no events occur within this time
#	span, an empty list is returned.
#  Input:
#	%input%			Either a single date or pair of dates 
#					that represent a range of dates between 
#					which events are searched
#  Result:
#	-1				Authorisation required
#	❮string❯			The details of the next event, if any,
#					to fall on or between the given dates
#	❮empty list❯			No upcoming events
#  Author: CK
#  Date Created: 2018-09-01
#  Date Last Edited: 2018-10-09
use framework "Foundation"
use framework "EventKit"
use scripting additions
property this : a reference to current application
property EKAuthorised : a reference to 3
property EKEntityMaskEvent : a reference to EKEntityMaskEvent of this
property EKEntityTypeEvent : a reference to EKEntityTypeEvent of this
property EKEventStore : a reference to EKEventStore of this
property NSArray : a reference to NSArray of this
property NSDate : a reference to NSDate of this
property NSDateFormatter : a reference to NSDateFormatter of this
property NSDateInterval : a reference to NSDateInterval of this
property NSLocale : a reference to NSLocale of this
property NSMutableArray : a reference to NSMutableArray of this
property NSPredicate : a reference to NSPredicate of this
property NSSortDescriptor : a reference to NSSortDescriptor of this
property NSString : a reference to NSString of this
property NSTimeZone : a reference to NSTimeZone of this
property EventStore : a reference to EKEventStore's alloc's init
property EventSources : a reference to EventStore's sources

global calendars
property text item delimiters : space
property |24hours| : 86399
property name : null
property date : current date
# e.g. input: {"2018-01-01", current date}
on run input
	if not Authorised() then return -1
	if input's class = script then set the input to [current date, (current date) + 30 * days] -- A one-month time span
	set [D1, D2] to the input
	if D2's class = record then set [D1, D2] to D1 -- Automator
	set calendars to EventStore's calendarsForEntityType:EKEntityTypeEvent
	log the result's title as list
	if timeUntilNextEvent() ≤ 0 then tell (enumeratedEventsByDate from D1 to D2 with birthdays)
		log "Events list refreshed"
		if the nextEvent() = null then return "No upcoming events"
		tell the currentEvent() to set [my date, my name] to its [startDate, title]
		log the currentEvent()
	end tell
	return the contents of {[my name, ":"], timeUntilNextEvent(), "min"} as text
end run
on Authorised()
	EventStore's requestAccessToEntityType:EKEntityMaskEvent completion:(missing value)
	EKEventStore's authorizationStatusForEntityType:EKEntityMaskEvent
	if the result ≠ EKAuthorised then return false
end Authorised

on timeUntilNextEvent()
	(my date) - (current date)
	result / minutes as integer
end timeUntilNextEvent

# dateRange:
#	Returns a list whose first and second items are AppleScript date objects 
#	that evaluate to midnight and 23:59:59, respectively, on the specified
#	date.  The input can be an AppleScript date object or a string value 
#	formatted as "yyyy-MM-dd".
on dateRange over D
	local D
	if D's class = date then
			property date : D - (D's time)
			on startDate()
				my date
			end startDate
			on endDate()
				(my date) + |24hours|
			end endDate
		end script
		set DateFormatter to NSDateFormatter's alloc()'s init()
		tell the DateFormatter
			setLocale_(NSLocale's localeWithLocaleIdentifier:"en_US_POSIX")
			setTimeZone_(NSTimeZone's timeZoneForSecondsFromGMT:(time to GMT))
			NSDateInterval's alloc()'s initWithStartDate:dateFromString_(D) duration:|24hours|
		end tell
	end if
	tell result to return [startDate() as date, endDate() as date]
end dateRange

# enumeratedEventsByDate:
#	Searches for events that fall between the dates supplied, with the
#	option to include or exclude birthday events.  Both date parameters
#	are optional, and will default to the current date if absent.  The
#	handler returns a script object that mimics an enumerated list, which
#	contains the results of the search in date order.  The order is
#	reversed if the date parameters are reversed.
#	Iterate through the event list using the nextEvent() or 
#	nextEventMatching handlers, the latter of which returns the next
#	event that contains any matching parameter supplied.  currentEvent()
#	allows retrieval of the event at the current position in the list
#	without advancing to the next event.  allEvents() returns the list
#	of events in one go.
#	Each event is a record object containing the following properties:
#	title, startDate, endDate, location, notes.
on enumeratedEventsByDate from D1 : null to D2 : null without birthdays
	local D1, D2, birthdays
	local ascending
	global calendars
	if D1 = null then set D1 to the current date
	if D2 = null then set D2 to the current date
	set [|D1*|, |D2*|] to [dateRange over D1, dateRange over D2]
	set ascending to |D1*|'s item 1 < |D2*|'s item 1
	if not ascending then set [|D1*|, |D2*|, D1, D2] to [|D2*|, |D1*|, D2, D1]
	set D2 to item 2 of |D2*|
	EventStore's predicateForEventsWithStartDate:D1 endDate:D2 calendars:calendars
	EventStore's eventsMatchingPredicate:result
	set EventsInDateRange to NSMutableArray's arrayWithArray:result
	NSPredicate's predicateWithFormat:("! calendar.title CONTAINS[c] %@") argumentArray:["birthdays"]
	if not birthdays then EventsInDateRange's filterUsingPredicate:result
	NSSortDescriptor's sortDescriptorWithKey:(missing value) ascending:ascending selector:"compareStartDateWithEvent:"
	EventsInDateRange's sortUsingDescriptors:[result]
		property list : EventsInDateRange
		property event : null
		property all : EventsInDateRange's allObjects() as list
		on nextEvent()
			if (my list's |count|()) = 0 then return null
			set E to my list's item 1
			(my list)'s removeObjectAtIndex:0
			E's dictionaryWithValuesForKeys:["title", "startDate", "endDate", "location", "notes"]
			set my event to the result as record
		end nextEvent
		on currentEvent()
			my event
		end currentEvent
		on nextEventMatching given name:title : null, date:D : missing value, location:addr : null
			set E to false
			repeat until result = true or E = null
				set E to the nextEvent()
				if E = null then exit repeat
				copy [E's startDate, 0] to [D0, D0's time]
				copy [E's endDate, |24hours|] to [D1, D1's time]
				true is in [D ≥ D0 and D ≤ D1, E's title contains title, E's location contains addr]
			end repeat
		end nextEventMatching
		on allEvents()
			if all = {} then return {}
			if the class of some item in all ≠ record then
				repeat with E in all
					tell E to set its contents to dictionaryWithValuesForKeys_(["title", "startDate", "endDate", "location", "notes"]) as record
				end repeat
			end if
		end allEvents
	end script
end enumeratedEventsByDate

Currently it returns events running as well as time until they end.

However I wish to change it so it returns the current event running and time until next event.

How it works now

Current event:


What it returns:

"📖: -94 min"

The 94 min is time until the event ends.

What it should show

Given this time and events:


It would return

📖 154

Where 154 is number of minutes before next event (learn applescript) in above case.

If there is no event running currently, it would show time until next event and the event title.

So given this:


It would return 153 learn applescript. Where 153 minutes is the time until that event.

I also want to only consider one event group in Google Calendar (called 'Events'). As well as ignore all All Day events.

Thank you a lot for anyone can help me make this script into reality. I would gladly pay for the time you spent writing it as I have been needing this for a long time in my workflow. :heart: