Hidden "hashtag" possible?

I have a shortcut that triggers the Run Macro action so it shows me the spotlight window. Now let's say I have 3 macros with the names:
Macro 1
Macro 2
Macro 3

Is it possible to add some kind of "hashtag" or something similar to each macro so I can type those hashtags and all macros that have them are displayed, even though the name of the macro doesn't have that word? For example, is Macro 1 and Macro 2 had the hashtag "food", if I type "food" in the spotlight window, it would show me those 2 Macros. Like categories, pretty much, but I would like to add multiple "tags"/categories to each macro.

UPDATE: after I posted, I tried using the Comment action and it works. Any word use in the comments can be used as hashtag :slight_smile: If there's a proper way of doing this, if I'm missing something that could go wrong in the future, please share