Hide and show Pallet

I am new to KM and testing it to replace QuicKeys and Drag Thing as I migrate to Catalina. WIth DT I had disk and process pallets which I made appear when I moved the mouse to the upper left corner, It would disappear behind any window that was brought in front of it. Is there any way I can do something like that?

I like the current palate but do not like how it blocks a portion of the screen.


Welcome to Keyboard Maestro!

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to have a macro triggered by mouse location, and macOS does not give a way to act based on mouse location except Hot Corners which only allow for a very limited number of actions, not including shell scripts or AppleScripts.

Your best bet would be to find a convenient keyboard shortcut to show/hide the palette. I realize it will require some adjustment of habit, but I think it’s your best option.

Thank you. Guess I will need to teach this old dog a new trick!