Hide app, but preserve the current desktop/space


In macOS, when you hide an app, the last application is automatically activated. This is desirable for me, unless the last app was on another desktop/space, which results in the space being switched.
I'm struggling to find a way to prevent desktop from switching when hiding a window in those cases where the previous app was on another desktop.
Another condition we could use in my case is "app is fullscreen", as the way I use desktops is:

  1. Desktop 1 with multiple windows
  2. Desktop 2-4 with full screen apps (Spotify, Bear etc.)

Any ideas on how would I harness Keyboard Maestro for this?

Kind regards

Howdy Syzmon, welcome to the forum! As you might have already figured out, this is a great community full of people who love to help.

I’m not sure of any way that KM can detect if an app is on another Desktop (full screen), but I don't really use Desktop spaces all that much. Perhaps others who are more familiar with them know of some way to accomplish this.


Thanks, Chris. Yeah, I'm really happy this community exists and looking forward to share ideas with fellow automation/optimization junkies :wink: For now I simply resorted to removing all my full screen desktops since I already have some convenient macro bindings for bringing these apps forward.