Hide Clipboard history Window after selecting text

Is there a way to hide the Clipboard history window once a text has been selected / pasted into a text box?

You can just press ESC after pasting from the CHS.

You may also be interested in this macro I just posted:

MACRO: Paste From Clipboard History [Example]

I don't want to press ESC (which is an extra key stroke). In other clipboard programs once you double click to select an item the history window disappears automatically which is what I was looking for.

Can someone suggest a way to hide the Clipboard history window immediately after pasting (not pressing esc) as the focus is shifted from the history window to the window where the past happens and it is quite annoying for the history window to still have the focus.

You can toggle whether the Clipboard History Window stays open after pasting by clicking the Close After Action button.

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Thanks Peter. That does it.