Hide Disabled Macro Groups

A new feature in Keyboard Maestro 8 is the ability to Hide Disabled Macro Groups by selecting * Hide Disabled Macro Groups* from the View menu.

When you hide them, all your disabled macro groups will be consolidated into a single placeholder macro group.

This can be handy if you have a lot of disabled groups, test groups, half finished old projects, etc.

If you click on the placeholder, all the macros in all the disabled groups will be shown. If you select one of the macros, you can see the name of the macro group at the top right corner of the macro editor, and if you click on that macro group name, the macro group will be temporarily unhidden and selected. As long as the group remains selected, it will remain unhidden.

If you double click the placeholder, all the disabled macro groups will be selected and temporarily unhidden and selected. So you can then enable the macro group.

If you have more than a few disabled macro groups, consider turning this option on in the View menu.


This is great. A valuable addition would be the possibility to hide disabled macros. (Or can we do this already? I‘m not in front of my Mac now.)

You could implement it so that the “hide” setting gets reset when KM Editor is launched. This would help to avoid panicking user reports like “my macros have been deleted”.

Peter, I was excited about this so immediately hit like. But from what I can see it's just hiding/collating groups. It doesn't list or show or collate disabled macros. That would be helpful too, to see which macros I've got to still work on, or have temporarily stopped

I'm not really sure what you mean.

Yes, basically it just hides all your disabled groups in a single pseudo group, so you can have lots of groups for old projects and not have them cluttering your main group display.

You can use a Smart Group to show all disabled groups.

What are you trying to do?

A number of my disabled macros are in different groups, or no group at all. So collating all disabled groups didn't help me to see the macros themselves that are disabled. It came up with a folder saying "And no disabled groups" and nothing in the folder

If you want to see all disabled macros, create a smart group for that.


Thanks so much Peter. I will do that. (It was searching for that answer that I came across this post, so now I have it)
… realising just NOW of course that if I'd looked at the enabled macros folder, I would have had a clue . . . . . . sigh!