Hide Macro Group Palette via Script?

Hi Keyboard Maestro aficionados!

I was wondering if currently we are able to hide a macro group palette via the applescript action controlling the Keyboard Maestro Engine?
My goal is to hide a macro group palette based on a text variable (the name of the macro group here, which I get with the token "%ExecutingThisMacroGroup%").

Thank you!

Hey Vince,

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Are you still fiddling with this? If so please explain what you want to do in a bit more detail, and why you want to do it with AppleScript instead of native actions.


If you're not requiring Applescript, disabling and re-enabling the macro group seems to work.

You can show, hide, or toggle the display of a macro group palette using this KM Action: Activate Macro Group action


If you really need to do this via AppleScript, then you could put this Action in a Macro, and trigger the Macro from AppleScript.

Hey thanks everyone for the help!
I have to admit I don't remember exactly what I was trying to achieve but either I found a workaround or I just dropped my idea.
My general goal was to create a lot of macro groups and populate them via apple script because all these elements need to be regularly updated (it would have taken me hours to do this manually).

Please keep me updated if this feature is available via Applescript!