Hide Macro on a 'client' cpu OR password manipulation

I know you can deactivate a group on a certain computer.
Is there anyway to not even show a certain macro on a particular computer?
I have a couple ‘master password’ macros that are very useful to me. (numerous steps to get it to ‘trigger’) but I’d like to not even have them visible on certain computers.

You could deactivate Sync and export only the needed macros manually to that computer.

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Store your passwords somewhere else (ideally the Keychain) and read them from there instead of including them verbatim in your macro.

This action might help: Set Keychain Password to Text action

There is also a Secure Passwords example in the Macro Library.

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I’m not familiar with keychain but have taken a look at it. Will dig deeper.
I’d like to store my one password, store my password (minus the last character or two) in KM (or Keychain) if possible, BUT make it on a ‘per computer’ basis.
So that my computer has a certain password stored, and the 2nd office computer has a different password stored. And neither of the users has access to the others passwords.

  • That doesn’t seem possible with keychain, but I’ll dig around today.
    Anyone with any input, I’d be very grateful.
  • I do have a KM macro based on Machine ID, that will fill the partial password accordingly, but I don’t like the fact that if the office workers are smart enough to get into KM, they would be able to see other passwords. I know that probability of them snooping around is not high, but I’m not willing to chance it.

I pretty much got it, just had to spend a little time with it.
I think if I store the passwords in the cpu keychain and NOT the iCloud keychain, I can then call them up and use them on the associated computer.
IF anyone has other input, always glad to hear it an learn.

not so fast,
so I’ve worked it out to set a variable to the local keychain password and use that variable in a sequence to open 1password.
IF an office worker is hip enough to get into KM and stop the macro, they would be able to see the password that was used.
any ideas?

  • sidebar thought, is there a way to lock the KM editor on certain cpu’s based on ID, or username? - that would be the best as I currently see it.

It is a valid point - no system is going to be completely safe when the password is decoded. And indeed the user could step through the macro.

No, you cannot lock out the Keyboard Maestro editor.