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I'd love the ability to hide the Groups sidebar, the Macros sidebar, or both – in other words, to have a window that displays only the macro I'm working on. When I have multiple windows open, the sidebars often provide nothing but visual clutter while wasting screen real estate.

While not a solution, you can change the size of both.

It's been discussed. Peter has said no.

I can't speak for Peter, but if a sufficient number of people question a decision I've made, I revisit it and try to better understand what it is they want.

I'm sure you are right, Peter might reconsider, but as Peter once explained there are a number of other factors besides user demand that influence his decisions, including how much work it is, what his own personal judgment is, and how many other priorities he has at the current time.

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What @Sleepy said.

I'm also quite certain Peter keeps count and factors that into his decisions.

Feel free to make a formal feature request that really makes your case. Convince Peter that hundreds of users need this feature even though only a few have requested it.

@peternlewis – anything to add?


Not really.

The balance of comments along the lines of “Keyboard Maestro is too complicated” vs the comments “Please add this feature to make Keyboard Maestro more complicated” seems about right.


Except that I'm asking "Please add this feature to make Keyboard Maestro less complicated." :joy_cat:

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You could always just manually move your KM Editor window off the left hand side of the monitor if you really want the edit window to be full size. In fact, why not make a macro in KM to do this for you? You could be the first person to write a macro that moves the KM Editor window off the left side of the screen at a press of a key, solving your problem with a single keystroke. If the macro detects that the window is already offscreen, you could have the macro place the window back on screen. Frankly, this is a perfect idea for KM and I'm willing to give you the first opportunity to write this macro. I'll give you tips or support if you want it.

If a hundred people download and use your macro, I think there's a fair chance that your original request might become a feature of KM in future versions.

I'm laughing, since I of course tried that. Multiple windows results in an unmanageable mirrors-in-mirrors progression of "who's hiding behind who?" :upside_down_face: Oh well. So it goes.

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