Hierarchical Menu Selection not working using tokens

I cannot get this to work in the Mail app, and I do not know why. Any thoughts?
I'm running KM 10.2. Doesn't work on Sonoma (Mac M1) or Ventura (Intel). The select menu is using the "match by path" option.

So, I've discovered a few things.

  1. I discovered that you need to put a pause after Selecting the menu. It's likely that the time necessary to pause is proportional to the nesting level.

  2. Sonoma behaves differently than Ventura in this way: Running KM on Sonoma, "Select Menu" on Sonoma, apparently cannot treat a submenu as a menu item. Or at least I have not figured out how to do that. On Ventura, a submenu can be a menu item. There might be solution to treating menu items and submenus uniformly, but I haven't found it. The reason that this is painful, is that it means in Apple Mail I cannot move an email to "pubs" folder since my pub folder has subfolders. So, I either have to flatten to constituent mailboxes and have them ALL in the pubs folder, or I have have to create a mailbox for "miscellaneous" pubs.

I hope someone can come up with a workaround so I have the same user experience on both Sonoma and Ventura.

Upgrading to Sonoma has not been fun.