Hire some expertise?

I am not remotely a programmer, and have little free time right now? Are there any KM experts who would be willing to hire out their expertise? Based on the macros in the forum, I suspect that it would be a fairly easy job: Copy a series of urls from 1 application (say, Excel, Word or something similar) into a browser (Safari), and exporting/saving each link s an individual pdf. If that works, then I would like to try an additional module which could be run with it. I have PayPal. Many thanks, KeyboardKlutz

try posting what you got so far

I have not tried yet, as this is not only outside of my expertise but I also am 18 hours+/day on my day job, so no time right now to figure it out. That is why I was hoping I could compensate someone who knows how to do it.

Klutz, you can do this. I know your time is short, but learning how will net you MORE time in the long run.

Copy the URLs (with "Copy" action")

"For each"

"Set front browser URL"

"Select or show menu" action on "Export as PDF…"

Keystroke "Return"

Booya' done.

As @devoy’s new agent, we are only charging you 15k for the solution proposed. Please send the money ASAP! :smiley:

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Taking your usual cut KC?

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You know it!

Many thanks, I will try! With all the great help, why don't I just pay 20K, up from the suggested 15K?
K. Klutz