History Switcher Closes Before I Can Do Anything With It

Update: The problem was me all along, apparently. See below.

^⌥C opens the History Switcher, and it closes in 2 or 3 seconds ... before I can even begin to know how to use it. What am I missing?

M1 Mac Mini
Monterey 12.3.1

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It's not meant to do that. As the Activate Clipboard History Switcher is an Action that has to be placed in a Macro to give it a hot-key I wonder if your Macro is doing anything than just opening it?

Has your Clipboard History Switcher Macro got just one Action in it, something like this:

Sorry, disregard all ever Hello!

I had the activation macro set to open the switcher, pause 4 seconds, and close it. I don't know why and don't recall writing it that way. Anyway, problem solved, and thanks for your help.