Hold Key to Repeat Same Keystroke

Hi I want a key to be spammed while I'm holding it down.

For some reason I can't make it repeat the same key that I'm holding.

I want to be able to hold a key in world of warcraft instead of spamming it manually.

Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 3.59.03 PM
Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 4.04.25 PM
Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 4.01.16 PM

doesn't defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false work for you?

See the Repeat macros here.

This is a question, not a macro for others to use, so it should be in the Questions & Suggestions category. I have moved it for you.

If the macro simulates pressing a β€œ1”, then by definition after the 1 is released, the 1 is no longer pressed. So your loop will never loop.

The macro would normally trigger repeatedly, because you have configured the Hot Key trigger to β€œis down”, but again, since your macro immediately presses and released the trigger key, the key is no longer down and the macro stops repeating.

So basically, you cannot do what you want.

You will need to use a different trigger key.

Strange. I have been using this macro for months. Chris explained me how to do it. My pause is even shorter 0.05. And it works perfectly.

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Are you sure that's not just the 1 key repeating in the same way it does when you hold it down without using a macro? I just tested by setting the pause to 1sec, and it still repeated very fast, so as far as I can tell, @peternlewis is right and you need to use a trigger that isn't the same as the simulated key.

Yes, I am sure. According to my tests without the macro letters and numbers do not repeat when pressed and hold. Arrow Keys, Delete, Enter … do repeat. Repetition even works when Key Repeat (Macos prefs β€”> Keyboard) is "Off". Or am I misunderstanding something?

Interesting that we're getting different results. Not sure why that could be.

If you set the delay to something long, like 1sec, does it repeat at 1sec intervals?

Just tried … yes, it does

My intention is the opposite. I want most keys not to repeat. Therefore I set Macos prefs to repeat "Off". Then I use the macro for those keys that should repeat (exceptions).
I am not sure if I explain this well :slight_smile:

Could the differences have to do with the version of the operating system?