Holding Down Command Key Stopped Working for KeyCue

I use the KeyCue app and have the preference set to invoke the shortcuts display when I hold the left command key down longer than 1.5 seconds. This used to work fine until recently when it stopped working. I figured it was something I setup in KM so I sorted macros by trigger but I do not see any that mess with the left command key. I also use Karabiner-Elements so I checked there but it is not set to change the command keys. I also checked the Mac Keyboard preferences and I don't see anything there. So I tried stopping the KM engine and now holding the left command key invokes KeyCue. So it is coming from KM.

I can't think of anything else to look at to figure out why KM is messing with the control key. I know it is something I just did but I cannot figure out what.

Hey Chris,

Reboot and see if anything changes.

I've had this sort of problem with KeyCue on and off for many years.


Thanks for the suggestion. Rebooted but that did not work. :frowning:

Worth a try: ShortcutDetective

ShortcutDetective does not seem to see just the cmd key being pressed. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well I got it working. I decided to start over and delete all the activation options and then created only the two necessary for me. Now it is working with the KM engine running. Very odd but I'm happy it's working. I like this like little utility. Thanks for the suggestions @ccstone.

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