Home-row arrow keys

I hate moving my hand to the arrow keys to USE the arrow keys, here's a fix to make
I J K L your arrow keys.

Step One: go to System Preferences > Modifier Keys, and change caps lock to be your control key.
Step Two: Install the provided macro
Step Three: Profit???

ctrl+I => Up
ctrl+J => Left
ctrl+K => Down
ctrl+L => Right

ctrl+U => jump to previous word
ctrl+cmd+J => jump to next word
ctrl+O => Jump to next word
ctrl+cmd+L => Jump to next word

ctrl+cmd+U => jump to beginning of the line
ctrl+cmd+O => jump to end of the line

Text Selection
ctrl+cmd+opt+U => left, one letter at a time
ctrl+cmd+opt+O => right, one letter at a time
ctrl+cmd+opt+J => left, one word at a time
ctrl+cmd+opt+L => right, one word at a time
ctrl+cmd+opt+I => up a line
ctrl+cmd+opt+K => down a line

If you master this thing => you will absolutely stop using your arrow keys :blush:

Keyboard Movement Hax Macros.kmmacros (32.6 KB)