HomeKit Automation

Has anyone tried Homecontrol menu for HomeKit

According to the Mac App Store you can trigger scenes and other things in HomeKit via url schemes.

This might help


I ended up downloading it and it does work as advertised except it didn't recognize scenes that controlled my HomePod.

I quickly wrote the developer, and a few hours later received a response explaining that HomeKit does not expose AirPlay device information. This means that HomeKit Control cannot know if a scene is active or inactive.

Here's the good news: The Developer is going to add the ability to trigger a scene in the next update.

For me, that is perfect. My scenes are for starting a certain playlist, setting the volume or Pausing a HomePod. Now I can have either KM or my stream deck or a combo of the two triggering my HomePod.

Just a quick followup ... The developer updated the app so that you can trigger Airplay scenes via the x-callback-url.

I now have a keyboard maestro profile dedicated to triggering playlists on my HomePod, setting the volume, and etc.

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