Hook Macro

trying to contact @appleinaer for Hook macro

Hi @pl0, I have sent you a direct message.

Hi there - Iā€™d love a link to the hook macros you shared on Twitter a few days ago too, if you are willing got share!

Hi @aroddick, everything I post on Twitter you can have :wink:

Here is my Hook KM palette:

@Hook:key @Forum Macros <7AB3 201116T223832>.kmmacros (325,1 KB)


You can start each macro with the first letter. If you have any questions, please contact me.
If you also use the app Hazel 4 or 5, I can send you a rule that allows you to add tags to the links of the macro "Hook File".


You need Hazel? (uh, what is Hook?)

@Lantro yes, a very powerful tool.

Have a look at the website, there are also some video's for explanation.

Hazel is great. New version out yesterday.

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Thank you sir! I will look into your tagging approach.

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