Horizontal Scroll

I'm trying to figure out if I can use the command hold + scroll wheel to scroll a window left or right instead of up or down. I see the Simulate Scroll Wheel action builds. I'm just having issues with how to trigger that action.

The simulated scroll action allows for sideways scrolling. Can you give some context about how you'd like to use it?

For excel, you can natively do this by pressing and holding shift+cmd and using the scroll wheel to go left or right. I would like to reduce this task utilizing KM to just holding down the cmd key and then scrolling up or down. Also, I do a lot of work in Acrobat, and I can only accomplish this by click-dragging the bottom scroll bar.

Can KM execute actions on the scroll wheel by holding down a single key (ideally opt or cmd key)?

No, you can't use the scroll wheel as a trigger with KM. For this, you'll want to look at something like Steermouse.

Using ⌥ or ⌘ as a single-key trigger is never a good idea as it will interfere with other functions. However, you can do something like this:

Hold to Scroll.kmmacros (45 KB)

Macro screenshot

Thank you. I appreciate the reference to steermouse and your help building hold to scroll macro.