Hot app Macro (v10.2)

Hot app Macro (v10.2)

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Could you please describe the function of this macro?

There are some apps that we don't use much on a daily basis, but we rely on them for a specific period of time, such as MarginNote when I'm preparing for exams, or Maps when I'm planning a trip. Assigning a specific launch shortcut to each of these apps is inconvenient in a few ways: firstly, each time you assign a shortcut, you have to enter KM to configure it, and secondly, these apps that you don't use on a daily basis take up valuable shortcut resources, which is wasteful and hard to remember in the long run. An elegant solution to this is to choose a fixed shortcut key (in my case, Hyper+H) that is dedicated to launching this kind of short-term high-frequency software, and at the beginning of the work, automate the assignment of this shortcut key to the current application, and then re-assign it automatically the next time you need to use another short-term high-frequency application.
That's what this macro does, this apple script just does the launching of the application, and the logic for binding the shortcut is written in the shortcut command (because it's easier to call from alfred), you can find it here: Shortcuts

Could you summarise your workflow in a linear fashion?

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