Hot key macro to do phase rotation or alignment on pro tools

I have a bit of a complicated post, i am basically trying to make a hot key macro for a series of things:

  1. open audio suite and transfer to acousitca (same as RX connect)

  2. Click the SEND button that would transfer the audio bit to the program

  3. do the rotate phase option

  4. send back to pro tools

all this seems quite difficult, all i want to do is a macro key that would do the phase alignment or rotation with one macro key.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 10.11.53

It would be helpful to post your macro as you've made it so far, but I've made a lot of Pro Tools specific macros and here's how I would approach it.

Use the "Select Menu" action to choose the "Transfer to Acoustica" Plugin

You'll probably have to add a pause action to wait for the window to appear, and then I would use either the click at found image, or click relative to the corner of the frontmost window to click the transfer button. You can also find the exact position of the button via applescript, but one of these methods will probably suffice and is much simpler.

Use the select menu action to open the module in Acon. I don't have Acoustica, but if there is a render key command, or menu item i would trigger that via a hotkey or menu select, otherwise you'll have to either use the found image or relative click to click the render button.

Same deal here, if Acoustica has "Send back to Pro Tools" as a menu item or hotkey, trigger it that way, or use a found image click or relative window click to click the button if you can't trigger it via a menu item.

You'll probably need to experiment with the macro to see where you need to add pauses, waiting for various UI elements to appear before you click them or move on to the next action.

hello evan, thanks for your answer, i made a video to show you exactly the step by step[, however i followed your advice and i made a macro that worked until 20 % LOL.
i also have a screenshot of that macro, i can select 'transfer to acoustica' from audiosuite menu, (i don't need to put pause apparently, cause it works without pause)

here is the video: pro tools transfer to acoustica and send back to pro tools (video demonstration) - YouTube

Hey Rico, That's the correct way to start. I don't have Acon Acoustica so I can't test, but give this a shot and see if it works, you might need to tweak the mouse clicks / pause functions.

Acoustica Render.kmmacros (8.0 KB)

thanks a lot evan you are very kind, i tried but unfortunately it doesn't work properly, however i will keep working on this template to see if i can make it .

i basically want to make a phase alignment with a single click, cause it's quite time consuming with every single clip of audio.

How far is the macro getting?

I'm doing very rough estimations for those mouse clicks based on other audiosuite / software windows, so it's very likely that the mouse clicks are off by (at least) a few pixels.

Something else you can do is check if Acon Acoustica has menu items or shortcuts for "process" or whatever the "send back to pro tools" command is. And you can implement hotkeys or menu selection actions instead of mouse clicks for those, as it will be much more consistent.

ive had other problems on this, for some unknown reason when i do the transfer to acoustical command, pro tools kinda freeze while loading something, i don't know why this has happened, so i abandon the idea.

This should help: