Hot Key (Shortcut) to Activate KM Status Menu?

I’ve searched, but could not find the answer.
###Is there a hot key to activate the KM Status Menu?

I did find this AppleScript code, but how do you reliably determine the location of the KM Status menu on any given system?

tell application "System Events" to tell (process 1 where it is frontmost)
	click menu bar 1's menu bar item 3 -- File
end tell
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No, there is an action for it:

What hot key you use is up to you.

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It never occurred to me to look for an Action. duh!?!

I did a google site search on the wiki with "status menu" and it didn't show the Action. But when I use the wiki search, it does show it.

I'm thinking it would be helpful for the wiki to have a page dedicated to the Status Menu. I was just thinking about doing a forum writeup for "The Great Status Menu".

What do you think, Peter? If you agree, and can either create the page, or tell me how to, I'll be glad to do the writeup.

Yes, it is a good idea to have somewhere to put all the info about the status menu.

There should really be a page in the documentation on it - some of it is covered in the Menus section.

I have created a placeholder page on the wiki:

Add anything you think is appropriate there.

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OK, I'll give it a shot, and then you can review.

Hi guys, in fact I just clicked on the “Status Menu” page, and it’s still a placeholder. I couldn’t figure out WHAT “Status Menu” referred to (in a helpful email from Peter), so I read this page in the forum, saw about the Action = Show Status Menu. Went into the Editor, created a ‘new’ macro, added the action, and hit the Try button.
Ack. So simple.
A Glossary of Terms would be great, and I’d start with that one.
I’ll try to edit the Status Menu placeholder myself.

ok, I see I don’t have authorization. I was going to write:

Status Menu: The menu you see when you click on the KM icon in the Menu Bar. There is also an Action for it, called Show Status Menu.

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Thanks for your contribution, and for prompting me to update this page.
I have used your text, and added an example screenshot.

Here's a link to the wiki page:
Keyboard Maestro Status Menu

It's still a draft. If you, or anyone, have any other suggested text, please post here.

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If you want an account on the wiki, just let me know. I turned off account creation because automated systems just created endless accounts (I had to write a Keyboard Maestro macro to delete 3000 accounts after turning off the account creation, and there has only ever been a handful of real ones).

I just looked again at the image, and probably the yellow box on the bottom should be more clear in indicating that it is only macros that are active and have the Status Menu trigger. The word “active” is Keyboard Maestro terminology for macros or groups that are both enabled and active in the current context, so it should be preferred to “allowed”.

Also, please on the wiki use “Keyboard Maestro” rather than KM or other abbreviations - because it is more like documentation than email, I prefer a slightly more formal tone.