Hot Keys Don't Work After Upgrade to Mojave

I just updated Mojave today, and the same thing happened to me. I had a "Control" + "G" command that sorted columns in my spreadsheet chronologically by assigned dates; however, now when I hit Command + G, I get a pop-up that says "Go To."

Do you know how I can fix this? I'm not a macros expert (I actually didn't even create this macro), so any guidance would be hugely appreciated!

Hi @Patrick_O_Donnell. Welcome to the Keyboard Maestro forum.

I have moved your post to a new Topic since it is a new questions/subject.

In order to analyze/test your macro, we need for you to upload your macro below.
See How to post/upload your script/macro.

Also, your statement is confusing. Do your mean "Control" or "Command"?

What app are you using at the time?

Thanks so much. The keys that I hit to make my command are "Control" and "G." When I press them at the same time, it sorts my spreadsheet rows chronologically.

Thanks for the clarification, but we still need:

  1. Upload your macro
  2. What app are your using at the time?