Hot Keys Won't Work on New Installation

I just installed KM on my new Mac, and I imported the old macros.

But the hot keys don’t work.

It might be because I opened Accessibility and turned off a lot of those features. Then I remembered that KM uses some Accessibility features.

How do I turn those features back on? Thanks!

Are you sure KM Engine is running? (Icon in menu bar?)

I'm not aware than KM needs anything in System Preferences > Accessibility.

However KM Engine should better be checkmarked in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. But if KM Engine needs those permissions it will usually prompt you.

It looks like KM was having a problem with only the F1 key, for some reason. I reassigned the macro to the F18 and it works. I still don’t know why F1 is flaky.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Do you have a MBP with TouchBar by any chance?

Recently my Esc "key" on the TouchBar stopped working (that is, the key press was still recognized but it had no effect). A SMC Reset did help.

Nope, it’s the new 27" iMac…