HotKey Field Does Not Accept An Entry

Hi, I'm totally new to KBM. I am trying to create a first Macro and for some reason the box where I should be able to hit 'Click" to enter a new HotKey combination is unresponsive. No matter what I try and enter into this box, nothing registers? What am I doing wrong?

Is the box a Green plus button?
You could take one of the macros shipped with KM, duplicate it by highlighting then cmd+D
then try modifiying the copy and see if you have the same problem.

Make sure there are no existing dialog boxes awaiting input....

Just to make sure, here's the procedure:

  1. Click on the Plus symbol in the Green circle, next to New Trigger
    • image
  2. Select "Hot Key Trigger"
    • Now this will appear: image
  3. Now just press the Hot Key (including Modifier Keys if desired)
  4. That's it.

Yes I understand that's what the procedure is. However, the field marked 'Type' will not respond to any attempt to type in the box. There are no other open dialogues.
I'm stumped. I uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted computer with no change.

I've also tried duplicating another macro, but when I do the field becomes unresponsive. I can however delete the HotKey using the x.

I have uninstalled and then installed v9.0.5 which fixed the problem

Some hot keys seem more difficult to type in than others. I suspect it has to do with other apps trying to snaffle them.

Load a trial version of keycue as that will help show up key combo conflicts

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