Hotkey for Launching KM Editor

Is there any way to launch a KM Editor with a Hotkey or with Alfred. I can launch it only from my menu bar. Thank you!

@Mykola -

Yes, there is.
And it is a nice idea to use KM to launch KM.

Use the KM action, "Activate a specific application".

(Your choice of any hot key.)

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As an alternative to using one of your precious hot keys, you can:

  • Use Mac Spotlight – hot key plus type the first few chars of the app name
  • Use LaunchBar
    • My preference
    • Press LB hotkey, then (for me), just type “KM” and RETURN
    • I also have LB shortcuts for “KMF” (this forum), “KMW” (the KM Wiki), and a number of others