Hotkey only works on primary display

I'd read that Safari's new "web app" capability is great for interacting with Meta Threads so I decided to try it out. Works great.

I wanted to add a new hot key to my new Threads "app" that would let me write a new post after pressing Command-N. I wrote a simple KM macro and put in a group that executes solely for my web app. It works fine if the Threads web app is on my primary monitor. But if move the Threads web app over to my secondary monitor and have it active, pressing Control-N either activates a different app on my primary monitor or generates a "no-unique image found" error.

This is my first stab at this. Though a longtime KM user, I'm hardly an expert. I'm open to doing this entirely differently, if there's a better way.

-- Robert

New Thread.kmmacros (10 KB)

You have Main screen specified in your action which refers to your primary screen. If you want it to work on any screen then change that to any screen!


Brilliant! Thank you @tiffle.

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