Hotkey to "Show All" Windows After Hiding them with ⌥⌘H

In the main menu of most apps, when you click the app name in the Menu Bar, there is an option to Hide the current app (hotkey ⌘H), to Hide Others (hotkey ⌥⌘H), and to Show All, which will unhide any that have been hidden. But the Show All menu choice has no hotkey.

I have been hiding and showing things a lot, ⌥⌘H has been very useful, but I would like another hotkey, e.g. ⌥⇧⌘H, that undoes the hiding.

I can do it with mouse click coordinates to drop down the menu and search for image to find the location of "Show All", but there has to be a more direct way for KBM to access that menu item. I'm just not finding it.

Any suggestions?

In a classic instance of "Where's My ... HERE It Is!", right after I posted the question, I found the answer, with no explanation of why it eluded me before.

Curiously, in the above image from the KBM Manual/Wiki, the displayed menu choices do not match the menu selection in the Action. My internal OCD part finds this confusing, but my Forensic Editor part knows just how it happened.

On the Mac you can make shortcuts for any menu items in any App. And if the same menu items are in multiple Apps you just have to enter your chosen shortcut once and it will be available in every App that has that menu item.

In System Preferences/Settings (depending on which macOS you are on), type the menu item exactly and give it a shortcut. If the same menu item is available in multiple Apps, just make sure you are in the "All Applications" section. Once you have done that, not only will this shortcut work but it will be shown on the menu too.


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Thanks,@Zabobon, that's even better!

It also appears to solve a problem that I created with my home-brewed app where Xcode has places for an app's "short" and "long" names. When I built it I decided to see what happens if they are different, as suggested I might by the Xcode doc. I found out that sometimes KBM uses one name and sometimes the other. In this case, it looks like for that one app in this one Action, the string returned by %Application%1% does not match the Menu Title of the Front Application in the Action. But it works for other apps. With your solution, I don't have to rebuild the app or find a kludgy, special case workaround, I can just set the hotkey in the System Settings.