Hotkey to toggle between DevTools Network/Console tabs


In Chrome developer tools, one can navigate the different tabs using CMD [ and CMD ]. But I would like to have a single hotkey that would toggle between Network and Console tabs. What's the best approach to solve this without using click at image action?

hotkey toggle


Browsers are (fortunately) a bit of a black box to external scripting environments.

Perhaps you can reach those Developer UI states from the Chrome plugin evaluation space ?

(I haven't checked)

Customize DevTools - Chrome Developers

Or switch on the panel shortcuts ? ⌘3 and ⌘6 for Console and Network.

(I suppose you could write state to a KM variable to remember which of those you just used, to enable toggling)

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Toggle Console ⇄ Network in Chrome Developer Tools.kmmacros (6.5 KB)

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Hi @ComplexPoint,

This is super. Thanks for digging into this and finding a really good solution. I had no idea about enabling shortcuts to switch panels.

Really appreciate your effort and time. :slight_smile:

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