Hotkey Triggers Make Key Combinations Unusable Everywhere Else

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When tying a macro to a hotkey trigger, I intend for the hotkey to be triggerable only in a particular context (usually an app) but still be available system-wide. However, whenever I define a hotkey for a macro, the hotkey then becomes unusable in other applications.

For example, I have tied "⌥+⇧+R" to a DEVONthink-specific macro in the screenshot below. Yet if I try to rebind a hotkey in Obsidian or use it if it is already set, I cannot. If I disable the macro in Keyboard Maestro, I can again use the combination.

:question:: How can I define hotkey triggers in Keyboard Maestro so I can continue using those key combinations elsewhere in the OS?

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It sounds like you're creating global macros.

Make sure you define macro-groups that are application specific.



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Just in case it helps...

Macro triggers are "any of the following", i.e. this trigger or that trigger or... So, in your screenshot, your macro will be triggered by your hotkey combo and it will also be triggered every minute while DEVONthink is running.

So multiple triggers expand how the macro is fired while, as @ccstone says, Macro Group conditions can limit the context within which the triggers will work.

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Been an user for six years, but I just realized this. Thank you!