Hotkeys/macros only activated on one specified (certain) url

What are some solutions/ approaches for for overwriting pre-available shortcuts of a specified website? Found keyboard-maestro for mac, not sure if this possible. Let's say you want overwrite some pre-available keyboard shortcut of, what should/can we do ? for example, whenever, my chrome current tab is in*, we need to use d(key) to trigger l(key), a(key) to trigger j(key) and s(key) to trigger k(key), (just an example, I use the default one on youtube) since some sites with some hotkeys are confusing.

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Hey @CS_CS,

You can't really overwrite them ā€“ unless you're able to get in and rewrite the page's JavaScript controllers.

But Keyboard Maestro can generally intercept keystrokes and do something else with them.

An example:

Substituting Keystrokes.kmmacros (1.9 KB)

This becomes quite problematic though when you forget it's active and typing ā€œDā€ in a context other than a YouTube vid produces ā€œJā€.

The way I get around this myself is to use a secondary group for Safari of 1-Key triggered items that ONLY works when its palette is displayed like so:


So I have a visual reminder that my 1-Key items are active.

Here's how you build such a group:

Safari Group ā‡¢ 1-Key Macros.kmmacros (39 KB)

NOTE ā€“ Some of these won't work on your system.


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You could copy the URL to the clipboard - Cmd+L followed by Cmd+C - and then test its value (all in the macro). Then pop up an appopriate palette.

Just a thought on how to get more definition.