How can I back up my macros?

I'd like to save my macros in Google Drive or Version Control.
Where are they currently stored?

A backup feature integrated into KM would be great, if you could point it to the Google Drive location or version control repo.

Hi cappy, you can use File -> Start Syncing Macros and save the file to Google Drive folder to accomplish your demand.


As @OscarGong notes, if you sync your macros to anywhere else, that will act as a a backup of your macros. Even if you have no other Mac running Keyboard Maestro, the macros will still be backed up there.

Also, Keyboard Maestro does backup your macros, which you can see in the File ➤ Revert Macros. It does a backup roughly once per day, and keeps the last week or so. It also saves a copy when you launch the editor, so if you launch the editor and then really make a mess, you can revert to when you launched the editor.