How can I create a macro/shortcut/keystroke using KM for the action "Accept this change" in Word?

I want to make "Accept this change" the default Accept option in Review in Word. Currently it is "Accept and move to next". It is not available in All Actions in the KM editor. I'm using Word for Mac 16.5.

What about a "Click at Found Image" that selects the Accept Changes > "Accept and Move to Next" button...

You could click the menu and select whatever...


That said, you can customize this Keyboard Shortcut in Word by going to "Customize Keyboard" in the ribbon options. If needed, you could trigger this however from Keyboard Maestro

Surely the actual difficulty is in clicking on the ‘green tick on a doc’ icon.

The problem jrs2090, is that I would like to avoid having to go through the drop down menu each time, and make the approprate choice. If I just click on the Accept/green tick icon, its default is to "Accept and Move to the Next Change", which I don't necessarily wish to do. In the older version of Word, the default was just Accept or Reject. I have tried to access it through "Customize Keyboard", but "Accept This Change" is not offered.I am hoping therefore to devise a KM shortcut/keystrole etc. But I can't find the string in All Actions.

Thanks MartinPacker,. Yes, the difficulty lies in the default of the green tick is "Accept and Move to Next", which I don;t want to do. I just want a simple tick to be "Accept This Change". Is there some way to change that?

In Customize Keyboard, go to All Actions and try making a shortcut for "AcceptChangesSelected" or "AcceptChangesOrAdvance" instead of "AcceptChangesAndAdvance". Worked well for me in Word 2019 for Mac Dev Preview.

Alternatively as I suggested previously, the following will select the Accept This Change in the menu by finding the Accept buttons down arrow, pressing the down key twice, and hitting return. Ignore first step I forgot to remove during testing.