How can I follow Brett Terpstra’s Keyboard Maestro posts?

Thank you, @ComplexPoint, for posting that link.

Now, this question:
How to be notified about his future posts about KM, automatically?

Could track changes on the site using, for example, SiteDelta, but don’t want all changes.
Only want his new posts about KM.

Something like this, automated to run weekly or monthly:

  site: AND maestro

And when it finds something notify by email or RSS.

Is it possible?

(Without a Google account.)

Partial answer:

There are feed subscription details here –

That feed is the problem.
It sends every new post to RSS.

Only want to see a new post if related to “maestro”.

Maybe that kind of filtering is not possible?

Something to manage in an RSS app ?

(DEVONthink is scriptable and can handle RSS feeds)

(But Brett only posts one or two things a week … perhaps filtering that might approach the zone of over-engineering ?)


Thank you, @ComplexPoint.
Your comment “triggered” my thinking. :smiley:

I won’t use DevonThink – too aggravating.
But I will use Devon’s browser: DevonAgent.
It has a web crawler built in.
Exactly what I need for this.

In IFTTT you can set an event that triggers on a Feed containing a keyword (“maestro”) en act on that.

Hey Mark - feel free to post anything interesting you find in the RSS feed. :smile:

Thanks, @JaapNoordzij, that is exactly what I want to accomplish.

But I refuse to use IFTTT to do it.
The reason why not is relevant here on the KM forum.

KM is sharply focused, industrial-strength, designed for heavy-duty use;
steel gray appearance, tight layout, no-nonsense user interface.
I like that.

On the other hand ...

IFTTT looks like a toy for 7-year-olds.
One, quick glance at their web site was all it took for me to decide not use it, for anything.

Example: Their page about how excited and passionate the developers are, along with a photo of them sitting on a park bench in the middle of a basketball court.
Words and photos irrelevant to the software.

Does not inspire confidence from me.

I look for design for purpose.
KM has that, and it has stood the test of time over many years.
I predict that IFFFF will not be around for long.
I'm not going to waste any time on it.

But, if you have any other ideas, I'm willing to listen again.

Here are results from first crawl today.

I don't know how to prepare a clickable up-load, so this is a screen print along with a zip that is clickable.: "Keyboard Maestro".zip (1.4 KB)

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Hey Mark,

How did you achieve the crawl?


[removed by user]

Hey Mark,


I own a copy of DEVONagent Pro, but I don't use it much.

The crawl feature alone will cause me to change that.


Take Care,

KM is sharply focused, industrial-strength, designed for heavy-duty use;
steel gray appearance, tight layout, no-nonsense user interface.

(forgive me Keyboard Maestro overlords for what I am about to say)

I love KM but I can't be the only one to think the KM script editor is incredibly frustrating and awkward to use?

IFTTT looks like a toy for 7-year-olds.
One, quick glance at their web site was all it took for me to decide not use it, for anything.

Maybe you should reconsider IFTTT. It is not fair (to them or you) to make such a snap judgment based on their first article and a photo of two guys sitting on a bench from 6 years ago.

It offers an incredibly powerful set of tools for free. In your usecase alone you could take the RSS event that triggered the recipe and paste it as a new line in a Google Doc/Sheet, send you an email, use the Maker API and send a telegram message, add it to a reading list, put the article in a text file saved to your Dropbox, make your desk light flash blue, turn your television on, email the article to you.... and countless other things... oh, here's one. When Brett posts a relevant article you can add a bottle of hot sauce to your Tesco (major UK supermarket) basket, if that is not the future, then I don't know what is :slight_smile:

It has its issues, but it is a great thing to have in your toolbox :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @digisam, for taking your time to reply, and in a most helpful way.

I always appreciate anyone who encourages me to question my own premises.

The essential of this post is to ask @digisam, "How do you use IFTTT? And do you integrate it with KM, or not?"
If you integrate with KM, I suggest a new topic would be appropriate.
(And I'd certainly be interested.)


You are not alone.
I first arrived at this forum suffering from exactly that frustration.
It was a relief to learn here that I was merely suffering from "awkward interface syndrome", not Alzheimer's.


It was an irrelevant photo then, and its been there for 6 years!
In addition, 99% of the text on that photo page is similarly irrelevant.
My judgement stands.

When evaluating software, I start with:

  1. Design of web site and demeanor of people in any photos there.
    (eg. If photo of teenagers jumping up and reaching for the sky in a mountain meadow, I look for other software.)

  2. Thinking/reasoning ability demonstrated in writing or videos on the web site..
    (eg. If "We are excited to announce...", I look for other software.)

That evaluation takes roughly 10 seconds (video; 30 seconds, maybe).
If web site passes both counts, then I begin to examine the software.
IFTTT failed on both counts.
However, based on the intelligent and thoughtful recommendation from @digisam, I continued to look.


[quote="digisam, post:13, topic:5544"]
It offers an incredibly powerful set of tools for free. [/quote]

"Incredibly powerful" is often a hindrance to getting simple things done.
I want a simple set of tools.

One reason for the high level of "frustrating and awkward" with KM is that it is, indeed, an "incredibly powerful set of tools".


I order from Tesco 2-3 times/month.
What I'm wanting is Tesco Finest Mango Chutney, but it's often out of stock where I live in the untamed jungle surrounding Bangkok.
IFF ... IFTTT could arrange that, then I might change my tune.

I will change "incredibly powerful" to "incredibly powerful yet simple to use" :slight_smile:

The frustrated and awkward comment was about at the script editor used when adding bash, HTML, Javascript etc. But not to worry, I usually use external scripts and then write them with Sublime... but this is as a result of the problems with the KM editor. I would prefer to edit inline for smaller scripts

I will add that I am not an IFTTT stock holder and the only reason I am typing all this out is to encourage you to dig a little under the bright colours. You will see the types of things it can do and your brain will start think of all sorts of ways you can link one thing to another.

You might find yourself using it for the RSS trigger feature alone, as tolerating the youthful brand must be easier than setting up your own webcrawler that needs to be running 24/7 :slight_smile:

The whole concept of IFTTT is very simple, "if this happens (on one of the 370 channels), then do this (on a different (or the same) channel)". Technology wise it is simply an interface pushing and pulling data from hundreds of different APIs

The Tesco channel "ifs" are only for price changes, not stock :frowning:

We were all young once and technology is a big part of life these days. With my tongue firmly in my cheek I say that Whitney Houston was wise in her words when she sang to us all those years ago "I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way"

"How do you use IFTTT? And do you integrate it with KM, or not?"

I use the RSS channel quite a lot to be alerted of updates such as service status updates from my ISP or when a new version is released for a particular bit of firmware/software i am interested in.

It makes a new row in a Google spreadsheet whenever I add a new contact to any of my devices regardless of platform.

If the temperature for the night is below 15 then send a message to my home automation system (openHAB) so when I turn the lights off before bed it can let me know through speech. I can then decide if I want to leave the heating on :slight_smile:

Linked to a Google Calendar I used a similar method as above to remind me if it is one of the various recycling/waste collection days tomorrow.

I used to use it as a primitive way to securely control things in the house (without opening up ports on my router) by using the "then do that" to create a dropbox file in a certain folder saying a certain thing. Then Hazel or KM would react and do something when the file got synced to my home folder. I used it for various things, such as light control when away from home, or play an mp3 and turn the TV on.

When I ask my Echo to "dictate this" and then say something using a custom Skill, it sends the message to the Maker channel (the IFTTT api that you can use as you wish) and then pastes what I said into a new dropbox text doc. KM then picks this up on my Mac Mini, copies it to my clipboard and pastes it whatever app is at the front. Usually this is for Kodi, to speak in search terms from the sofa :slight_smile:

So I guess the Dropbox text function is how I typically use Keyboard Maestro to react to something from IFTTT. But I also use MQTT to communicate into the local network, again using the Maker channel.

If I want to use KM to pass something to IFTTT I just use a Curl request and the Maker channel. And I do that for various things, but usually to keep logs (when each of my macs wakes or sleeps it records the details in a spreadsheet, and records the results of a daily speedtest).

I hope the above is enough to stir your curiosity a little, but no worries if it hasn't :slight_smile:


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Well, you seem like a bright, intelligent sort, so I'm willing to reconsider.

I did go to the IFTTT web site again, read more, understand a little more than before.
Willing to try, as per your instructions above.

But IFTT sure did not like me!
Two browsers.
A dozen attempts.
And it gives error message below.
Not helpful.
I read some of the FAQs -- nothing there about this error.
I turned off my firewall and turned on all flavors of Java, etc.
No joy.
This is not starting well.

This is a forum for Keyboard Maestro, not IFTTT or browser problems, and my post is far off topic.
If you, or anybody else is interested in solving this problem, let's move this to private message out of consideration for the nice people on this forum.