How Can I get Status of Macro?

I would like to set a KM Variable to the status of a Macro.
But I don’t see either a Token nor a Function that will provide this.

I can test for the status in a IF/THEN Action, using this condition:

Macro or Macro Group Condition

The Macro or Macro Group Condition determines if a specified macro or macro group is:


So, the only way I can find is to use a Switch Action with this Condition.

Surely there is a better way?

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@JMichaelTX -

That could be very useful.

1) I want to understand:
Why don’t you want to use “Condition” to set your own variable?
What is wrong with doing that?

2) Whether a built-in token/function or a custom variable, how do plan to you use it?

I’m interested in this idea for use in building palettes.
Often I’m confused which groups are active and which are not.
A condition indicator would help a lot.

What are other ways you would use macro status?

I’m going to start experimenting with this right now.

@JMichaelTX -

Is this what you don't want to do?

(This test just displays, but could set a custom variable.)

@Mark, great questions.

Initially, it seemed like a "MacroStatus" token would be easier to use.
That's when I posted this topic/question.

I am using the "Condition" in an IF/THEN Action, which I would also want to do with a variable set to the "MacroStatus" token. So, really, little to be gained by having a having a "MacroStatus" token, other than simply reporting the status.

I am using it to set the message and sound when I toggle the enabled status.