How can I make an action for windows only on a certain monitor?

So I have a folder of window management macros as such

Top Left
right: SCREENVISIBLE(Front,Left)+60
down: SCREENVISIBLE(Front,Top)+80
width: SCREENVISIBLE(Front,Width)*23.85%
height: SCREENVISIBLE(Front,Height)*42.6%

This is setup using (Front) so that the commands work on any monitor the window is on. Now instead of that, I’d like to have a separate “profile” of window placement macros, for if my window is on the second monitor. Something like, IF front window is on SECOND monitor, then MOVE AND RESIZE as such. So that one hotkey say, cmd+shift+1 will move my window to certain coordinates on monitor 1, and a different set of coordinates if on monitor 2. Can’t figure out how to set that.


Well, I think I figured it out:

This solves my problem. Maybe there's a better way to do it? I guess I'll leave this up in case anybody in the future wants to do something similar

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