How can I prevent Typinator ruining Todoist quick entry field?

I use typinator and quite like it (I purchased it recently from Bundlehunt). I also use and adore Todoist.

Problem is, they don't play nice together. Todoist has a quick entry field that does not raise a Todoist window. It's similar in appearance to the Alfred search field (no idea if it's technically similar or not). Typinator looks at what I'm typing and halfway through a word it will sometimes complete it, or it will correct capitalisation for me. This means that things like "monday" get fixed. However, Todoist in the meantime recognises it as a date and tries to schedule the task. Typinator does it's thing, puts in the correct capitalisation, and then Todoist thinks I didn't want the auto-date magic after all because I went and "edited" the token and reverts it to plain text. At this point the quick entry field becomes far less useful.

Any thoughts on the best way forward to retain Typinator most of the time, but avoid it messing up Todoist quick entry?

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Yes, the problem is that Todoist is not frontmost when you type into the Quick Add Task dialog, so you can’t exclude it in Typinator. I had similar issues with Things and LaunchBar.

Try this:

Todoist Quick Add Task & pause Typinator <B454 200309T120758>-pty-fs8
Todoist Quick Add Task & pause Typinator <B454 200309T120758>.kmmacros (23.1 KB)


  1. Make sure the macro group, where the macro is in, is enabled.
  2. Set the hotkey trigger of the macro to the same as the Todoist shortcut for Quick Add Task.
  3. Make sure the Triggered by checkbox is selected.
  4. Press the hotkey trigger.

It should work like this:

When you press the shortcut for Quick Add Task, the Quick Add Task dialog pops up and the macro is launched. The macro disables Typinator, waits until you press either Return or Escape (to leave the Quick Add Task) and resumes Typinator.

Obviously this will also resume Typinator when you press Return for example for selecting a project from the Project popup. If this is a problem, then try one of the currently disabled alternative Pause actions.

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You may have to separate those certain snippets into a different set, then select Action - Sets - Application Settings...

Add your Application and unselect the new "different/problematic" set with the issues and try that.

Just an alternate to try in addition to @Tom's solution.

I hope this helps.


Does this really work for you? (Tested?)

In my experience, Typinator’s application exclusions/inclusions work only when the app in question is frontmost. In this case, it works when you type directly into the Todoist app, but not when only the Quick Entry dialog is on screen (and another app is “frontmost”). Similar with Things, LaunchBar, …., — see above.

At least on my machine it is like this.

@Tom , I'm pretty sure this has worked for me (with a similar application maybe Fantastical?) prior to my Typinator expiration before I went to Catalina. I don't use Fantastical anymore and I moved most of my snippets to the OS and via KM. I, too, went back to Typinator after the last bundle. I haven't tested it with Todoist, Things or LaunchBar as I don't have those application.

It was just a shot in the dark. Your experience is different? If it doesn't work, then please disregard. Just trying to throw out an alternate suggestion.


You are right, after reading the post again, the OP has not explicitly said that the “usual way” doesn’t work for him. So maybe it really works for him. I was just assuming he has already tried because of

Todoist has a quick entry field that does not raise a Todoist window. It's similar in appearance to the Alfred search field (no idea if it's technically similar or not).

"pause expansions" and "resume expansions" is the magic I hoped to find here :smile: thanks! My thoughts about a possible option were exactly as per your suggested macro (I just didn't know the AppleScript instruction). I like to leave these questions open ended so other people can give their alternatives that may prove to be far more efficient than whatever I had dreamed up.

Yes, I have already tried to exclude Todoist, and it did not work for me.

Thanks @Tom and @kcwhat

@Tom wins again! He is pretty much undefeated. I think I'll retire. :slight_smile: