How can I separate a tab from Safari to show on another screen?

I very often like to watch youtube videos on my main safari screen, however I very often like to separate the tab to watch on a secondary screen so what I do is I drag the tab and move it to the secondary screen manually. Is it somehow possible to do this process with one hotkey?

That is I press a hotkey, the tab gets separated into new safari window and gets moved to secondary screen. I already have the command to move it to the secondary screen however it’s the separation of the tab that gets me.

Thank you for any help on this.

How about:

  1. Get the URL of the tab
  2. Create new window with URL
  3. Move to secondary screen
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Hey Michael,

This is rather simple. Is there a variable for my clipboard that I can use?

I have this macro right now where the keystroke is this workflow :

I just need to insert $CLIPBOARD or something into the url. Not sure if this is the right way to do it.

nlkivi, you're almost there.

Assuming the Safari tab of interest is frontmost:
Just use the KM Token for Safari URL


Thank you. This nearly works. This is what I have now :

Where opt, control keystroke moves window to another monitor. The issue that when I have Safari in full screen and I run the macro, it does not move it to another monitor as the new window is opened in full screen as well. Is there any way I can get around that?

Thank you so much for the help, these tokens are actually quite nice.

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This should do it. Adjust Move Window position as needed:

2016-07-30 18:18 CT (Sat)

• ADD Action to automatically determine location of Screen #2 Left Position.

###MACRO: [Safari] Open Safari Tab in New Window on Screen #2 [Example]

[Safari] Open Safari Tab in New Window on Screen #2 [Example].kmmacros (3.6 KB)

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Thank you :heart:

Edited it a bit but it works. This is my temporary solution before Sierra’s inplay feature comes.

Just posted update to macro in above post.

Menu > Window > Move Tab to New Window

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Oh this is nice, I guess it is a good idea to look at what menu bar options there exist before asking. :smiley:

Yes.  :sunglasses:

Most Mac users don’t know you can search app menus using the search field in the Help menu.


Yeah, I actually use this little workflow for that and love it.

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