How can I set the duration of display in the Display text in a window action

Somewhere in a past post I think that @peternlewis mentioned that it would be possible to configure the duration of a display text in window action in the "next version" which should be the current version, but I don't see anything to that effect in the action settings or KM Wiki.
thank you

That’s because it applies to display large not in a window.

I’m away from my Mac so I’ll have to describe to you how to do it:

Add a Pause action after your Display Text in Window and set it to the time you want the window to close.

Then add a Manipulate Window action and set the Action to Close and the Window Choice to %LastWindowID%

That should do it!


thanks very much !. A beautiful example of logic which I should have guessed.
I took the following screenshot for the benefit of forum members


Very well illustrated Ronald :clap:

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here's a prototype I extracted from another macro:

example - close window when mouse moved.kmmacros (5.2 KB)

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very interesting. thank you. Never would have though of that.

Another alternative: Capture the IDLE time in a variable, say, V. Enter a repeat loop doing nothing in the body until IDLE() not equal to V. Then dismiss the window. This allows you to use keys as well as mouse movements. Let me know if you need that solution posted here.

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