How can I trigger when enter into URL input box of chrome or edge?

I would like to change Input sources when enter into URL input box, is that possible do that?

Hi Michael, and welcome to the forum!

In the Keyboard Maestro vernacular: a Trigger defines what event causes a Macro to execute its defined sequence of Actions.

In your case, I don't think entering into a URL input box can be a trigger. You can, however, use a Hot Key trigger to override and augment an app's existing keyboard shortcut.

For instance, Command+L in most browsers will enter the URL input box. You could create a macro that is triggered by Command+L when your browser is active, start with an action that actually sends Command+L so that you enter the URL input box, and then insert your other actions after that.

Let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have any other questions.

Good luck and have fun!