How Can I Turn a Keyboard Into a Macro Keyboard?

Is there a way I can turn my second keyboard into a keyboard that triggers keyboard maestro macros on pressing its individual keys?

Is there a way to do this built into keyboard maestro? Or a way to do this with Keyboard Maestro and karabiner elements working together?

It’s best to always search the forum to see if your question has already been asked. So have a look here:


I'll have a look! Thanks!

Is there any reason that it's not showing up when I search for it in my actions? That trigger is familiar to me but I haven't used it so it didn't pop right into my head while trying to do this.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.24.27 AM

Because a trigger is not an action. Any action can be used in conjunction with any trigger.

oh wow I am silly. lol



Haha no problem. Sounds like it's still Monday for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: On another note if you want to see all macros that use that trigger, you can create a smart group and use the following search string: t:usb


Yeah, lol.

I'm surprised that it recognized the eject key on my keyboard. Every application I've tried to use to bind it to something else - BTT, Alfred, Karabiner Elements didn't register a keypress when I would press it. Now I have it triggering a script to pause spotify! Brilliant!

It also works to press keys on my second keyboard so eventually I'll have that keyboard setup with macros. Maybe I'll even print out icons and tape them to the keys!

Two words... Stream Deck...... you're welcome, and I'm sorry... (sorry because it's not cheap but it's worth it :laughing:)

Haha! I already have one my friend. I need more buttons!

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well there's your problem :wink::laughing:

I could swear today was Monday

Lol. Today feels like a monday, it snowed 10 inches over the weekend and everything was canceled. I didn't realize it wasn't Monday until about 30 minutes after I saw that.

I had too many folder layers I had to navigate on my Stream Deck so I just deleted every profile and I'm starting from the ground up again.

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