How can i use just modifier keys as hot key triggers?

hey people's,

how can I assign a hot key trigger with just modifier keys?

my goal is to mimic logic pro's use of modifier keys in cubase.

for example in Logic Pro when you hold down the "command' key your cursor turns into the marquee tool
Until you let go of the "command" key.
there's even more functions in logic which just use modifier keys, but I think this example gets the point across.

the problem for me is that I can't assign a modifier hot key trigger on it's own, I need to include another character.

thanks for any help!!

I think you can use the USB Device Key trigger:

I use it for a few macros that I run on double-taps of the modifier keys.


thanks for the help!

when I try to do it with f6 it works fine, but when I try to do with the usb device trigger it dosent work.
am I doing something wrong?

Your USB Device Key trigger says it's defined as a mouse click; I assume that's not what you want?


it's not letting me change it

Delete the trigger and try again—and after you set the trigger type, don't click the mouse, just press the key you want to use.


well that worked, thanks!

I still have no idea what selecting modifiers here does but it seems to work how I want it to when there all deselected.
Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 9.59.44 PM

as a side question would you know how to temporarily disable the default action of keys?
what I'm trying to do is temporarily change my cursor to the zoom tool when I hold down control option, the problem is when I try to use left click (to use the zoom tool) it end up being a control click.

I have no idea how you'd do that, sorry :(.


I see
thanks so much for all your help!
I guess I'll make a new post.