How Can I use KM to Develop Web Apps?

I am not a programmer by any means but fiddled with HTML back in high school & always had that programmer logical mind but don't know how to code.
Have been able to write some good macros to store data into files, process them, conditions.

Would have been so awesome if someone had an app like KM to create webapps.
Like you could write snippets of JS/PHP codes similar to adding actions in KM.

Hey @forums2012,

Take a look at the Custom HTML Prompt action.

I think there's an example in the Macro Library.

Keyboard Maestro Editor Menu Bar > Window > Macro Library


Your question is not off-topic. KM can be used in several ways to support Web app development. Chief among them is the one that @ccstone mentioned. See

I'm sure you'll get some suggestions from others as well. Once you get an idea of what can be done, if you have specific questions, please post in a new topic.

I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Out of context. But there should be an app like Keyboard Maestro that lets you code web-applications

How Can I use KM to Develop Web Apps?

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